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Social Networking For Your Search

      Career & Business Sites

Ø     http://www.linkedin.com/: A business-oriented social network, members invite people to be "connections" instead of "friends." Linkedin is a contact management system as well as a social network, and has a question-and-answer section similar to Yahoo! Answers.

Ø     http://www.plaxo.com/: A social network designed to stay in touch with all business and personal contacts.  Pulse makes it easy for you to see what they’re creating and sharing online — their blogs, the photos they’re uploading, their restaurant reviews, and so much more.  You can hook your Pulse account up to all the places where you create or share stuff (your blog, Flickr, Twitter, Yelp, and more than 30 other sites) and have control over what you share with whom.

Ø     www.doostang.com: An invite-only community founded by a Stanford MBA and an MIT engineer that connects young professionals to career opportunities through social networking.

Ø     www.85broads.com: Women who are students or alumnae of 85 Broads undergraduate or graduate partner schools are eligible to join 85 Broads, a powerful network that connects a community of intelligent, motivated, and successful women around the globe.

Ø     http://www.brightcircles.com/: An alumni community that supports current and former employees from leading companies and organizations, enabling them to stay in touch.

Ø     http://www.fastcompany.com/Company-of-FriendsCompany%20of%20Friends: A community of self-organizing groups of business leaders and innovators. Members help each other improve their careers, companies, and communities.

Ø     http://www.xing.com/: A social network for creating business networks.

Ø     http://www.directmatches.com/: A social networking site that combines “matchmaking” features to bring together business professionals with similar interests and goals. Favored by entrepreneurial professionals.


General Interest & Global Social Networking Sites


Ø     http://www.last.fm/:  Billing itself as a social music site, Last.fm allows members to create their own radio station that learns what the person likes and suggests new music based on those interests. In addition to this, you can listen to the radio stations of friends and other Last.fm members.

Ø     www.xanga.com: A social blogging site that combines social networking elements with blogging.

Ø     http://www.care2.com/: 7.2 million members. Care2 is a social networking website that was founded to help connect activists from around the world.

Ø     http://www.ryze.com/:  Ryze.com is a free social networking website designed to link business professionals and is intended to assist you in expanding your circle of contacts.

Ø     http://www.ziggs.com/: This site takes an interesting approach and encourages its users to consider the Ziggs page to be a one-stop marketing tool for their image

Ø     www.badoo.com: Based in London, Badoo is one of the top social networking sites in Europe.

Ø     http://www.hi5.com/: A fast-growing social network with a strong base in Central America.

Ø     www.Migente.com: A social networking site targeted at Latin America.

Ø     http://www.orkut.com/: Originally created by Google to compete with MySpace and Facebook, it has mainly caught hold in Brazil.

Ø     www.Studiyz.com: A German version of Facebook with a strong audience in students.

Ø     http://www.groovenet.ph/ A social networking site targeted at the Philippines.