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Leveraged Potential’s transition services are focused on partnering with organizations to strategically plan and implement customized solutions for their outplacement and redeployment processes.  We assist individuals and groups in career management and transition through an integrated approach that combines an individual coach from our team of consultants with over 25 years of expertise, hi-tech personalized solutions and an innate knowledge of the current marketplace.
We partner with organizations to craft the right Career Transition solutions for their employees.  This can be offering our array of standardized programs or involve working closely with your chosen stakeholders to tailor our offering for your specific circumstance.  This can include:

  • Providing Dedicated Facilities, Office And Administrative Support
  • Combining Redeployment and Career Transition Services In An Integrated Approach
  • Providing Internal Leaders With The Communication Platform And Tools To Enable a Smooth Transition
  • Partnering With Service Partners To Enable Seamless Opportunities For Employment And State Transition Assistance
  • Specialized Consulting, Training and Job Market Penetration
  • Streamlined Reporting And Benchmark Generation
  • Blended Training and Skill Development- On-site and Virtual Classes for Career Assessment, Resumes, Personal Branding, Interviewing, Negotiations and Entrepreneurial Endeavors
  • Streamlined Reporting And Benchmark Generation

Leveraged Potential is committed to creating sustaining partnership with our client organizations.  We guarantee our partnership with a quality promise of transition success.