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8 Steps for Starting a Business

  1. Define The Entrepreneur Within- Individualized Assessment
  2. Choose Your Business Model
  3. Create Your Business And Marketing Plan
  4. Your Brand
  5. Selecting Your Business Structure
  6. Funding Your Venture
  7. Establish Strategic Operations Plans
  8. Go To Market

Are you one those people who get up every morning dreading going to work?  Has your job lost meaning for you, your boss taken over your life or are you sick of trying to find way to get to spend quality time with your family?  Do pink slips or outsourcing trends keep you up at night?  Leveraged Potential can help assist you in crafting your entrepreneurial dreams into new business ventures.  You can be the master of your own domain; be your own boss.

If you decide to become an entrepreneur, you’ll spend more time following your passions, doing the work that you love work you love, and managing YOUR time on YOUR terms.  While there’s obviously great risk in leaving behind a regular paycheck, the market dictates a great risk in staying right where you are.  You can choose to control your own risk; you can get started in entrepreneurship like you should’ve years ago.

Leveraged Potential is dedicated to assisting you with defining and leveraging the opportunity that YOU want today!  We have assisted over 10,000 individuals in managing their career and entrepreneurial endeavors.  We realize that you don't just need personal consultation, but an integrated plan for success that is based on your individual financial needs, unique skills, personality, past experiences and lifestyle.

We provide an integrated approach that combines an individual coach from our team of consultants with over 25 years of expertise, hi-tech personalized solutions and an innate knowledge of the current marketplace. 
We assist clients with individualized solutions for:

  • Personal Entrepreneurial Assessment- Assess Your Unique Passions, Values, Competencies, Financial and Lifestyle Needs, Developing a Strategic Plan For Today’s Market
  • Entrepreneurial Consulting- Individualized and Specialized Consulting
  • Creating A Successful Business Model- Evaluating If Home-Based, E-Commerce, Brick-and-Mortar, Franchising or Consulting Works For You
  • Developing A Successful Business and Marketing Plan
  • Creating Brand You- Craft Your Vision, Identity, Niche, Marketing Materials and Presence
  • Selecting A Legal Business Structure
  • Funding Your Venture
  • Creating Your Staffing, Logistics and Operational Plan- Assess Your Office Structure, Network Of Talent, Partnerships and Develop Your Operational Strategic Plan
  • Go To Market- The Secrets Of Successfully Launching Your Entrepreneurial Venture And How to Avoid The Common Deal-breakers

Leveraged Potential can assist you if you are assessing your next career move, exploring entrepreneurial options or ready to jump!