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Applying For and Winning Federal Government Jobs

Learn how to create a powerful Federal resume and application that works! [read more]

8 Steps for Conducting an Effective Job Search

  1. Define The Career That YOU Want
  2. Assess Your Talents, Drivers and Achievements
  3. Understand The Current Market
  4. Branding You
  5. Spreading The Word
  6. Selling YOU As THE Candidate
  7. Negotiating
  8. Lifelong Career Development And Management

Leveraged Potential is dedicated to assisting you with defining and leveraging the opportunity that YOU want today!  We have assisted over 10,000 individuals in managing their career transition.  We realize that you don't just need personal consultation, but an integrated plan for success that is based on your individual needs, unique skills, personality, past experiences and lifestyle. 
We provide an integrated approach that combines an individual coach from our team of consultants with over 25 years of expertise, hi-tech personalized solutions and an innate knowledge of the current marketplace.

We assist clients with individualized solutions for:

  • Personal Career Assessment- Assess Your Unique Passions, Values, Competencies and Lifestyle Needs, Developing a Strategic Plan For Today’s Market
  • Career Management Consulting- Individualized and Specialized Consulting
  • Creating Resumes & Personal Portfolios- Customized and Effective
  • Streaming Videos For Marketing- Make A Unique and Personalized Statement To Your Future Boss
  • Branding Strategies- Market and Industry Expertise, Coupled With An Integrated Approach to Resumes, Portfolios, Your Online Presence and Other Marketing Avenues
  • Spreading The Word- Effective Market Penetration and Job Development
  • Selling YOU As THE Candidate- Interview and Follow-up Techniques That Work Every Time
  • Negotiating For Mutual Success- Explore All Variables That Are Negotiable Including Compensation With Insider Industry Tips;  Don’t Leave Money On The Table
  • Online Training and Skill Development- Online Classes for Career Assessment, Resumes, Personal Branding, Interviewing and Negotiations

Leveraged Potential can assist you if you are making a career change, negotiating a raise or exploring more flexibility to enable your changing lifestyle.